Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quote of the Day:   “Who knew? ” -  Me

We are so used to the everyday things here that we never think about them anymore.  When I was told that the clothesline needed re-thatching, I just said sure.  Wait a minute.  Re-thatching the clothesline?  Well, we don't have electric or gas driers here, so we have to hang our clothes on a clothesline, like everybody in America before the 1950's.  Problem was that the direct sunlight (we are one degree south of the equator here) faded everything rapidly.  And during the rainy season, the clothes got what the girls called the "second rinse" and sometimes the third and fourth.  This led to the installation of a clothesline in Martha's Place where the rain couldn't get to them.  Of course, our friend Jerry Buckingham brought us some from America, but clothes don't dry very fast in the dark and rain.  Thus, we went back to our outdoor line but added a roof to prevent fading and to keep them dry during all but the heaviest of rains.  Pictures of all three can be reached by clicking on the picture of our thatched clothesline to the right.  All three, you ask?  Yes, turns out that you are not supposed to hang underwear where it can be seen, so we had to make another one hidden behind the house with metal shields to keep the workers from walking by and seeing what here are really unmentionables.  Seems matter-of-fact to us, but to some, it might seem a bit odd.  Just comes from living in a different culture.  You ought to try it.  No more cursing the dryer for eating socks.
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