Sunday, July 1, 2012

Quote of the Day:   "Love one another: you'll be happy and healthy. It's as simple and difficult as that." -  Michael Leunig

You never know who you touch by just being yourself and allowing God to guide you.  My wife got this in an email response to yesterday's blog:  "In response to Charles' blog today . . . he is so right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The daily blog is a true blessing to us.  We look forward to reading it each day.  Through the years, our hearts have been blessed with "good food for thought ", tears of joy and tears of compassion, and  laughter for our souls.   Keep those blogs going . . . each one is a true inspiration to us in some special way."  I remember once when I was riding my motorcycle to Kansas City, I stopped at one of those big, fifty pumps gas stations.  A very seedy looking lady with just a few teeth started coming my way.  As I was wearing my clerical collar, I prepared myself to be asked for money.  She humbled me instead by asking me if I would bless her sick baby.  I did and never forgot that day.  You just don't know what others see in you or need from you.  God only asks two things of us every day--to be available and to be obedient.  It's as simple and difficult as that (see quote above).
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