Thursday, June 7, 2012

Quote of the Day:  You will never know what's inside until you open the present.  That's where we live--the present.  Open it.    Me

When John told the Methodist pastor of his plans to build a permanent soccer goal, the pastor was delighted.  He had bigger ideas than John did.  He found the man who had been farming the land next to the church (actually church property but things are done differently here).  The man said he was too tired to harvest the potatoes so they were welcome to everything.  First thing they did was to dig up all the potatoes and divide them among the church members.  Today, the pastor is having the parents of the soccer players and the soccer players themselves to come and flatten out the potato furrows for a nice flat playing surface.  John and Shaban already have all the materials for one of the goals and are just waiting on the flattening before they begin work, probably tomorrow.  With a real field and a real ball, the soccer team will become a means of evangelism for the church.  We want the young kids and the older kids because they give a church real life, and there just aren't any old members because there just aren't any old Tanzanians.  Average age at death here is in the mid '40's.  Most churches have children outnumbering adults which is just fine with us.  Where better to be than in church?

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