Sunday, June 3, 2012

Quote of the Day: Real generosity is doing something nice for someone who will never find out. -- Frank A. Clark 

The Methodist Church just outside our fence has instituted a pre-school.  Karen designed all the uniforms with pink as the main color.  The uniforms have all been made and the children are wearing them very proudly as most of them were dressed in rags before.  These are very poor kids, many of them orphans.  Karen was also instrumental in naming the school for one of her dear friends who passed away tragically last year, so the new school is called Santa Caryn Pierce Academy.  Because Caryn Pierce loved the color pink, John took pictures of each of the students before they got their uniforms and then did them in black-and-white with just one thing in each picture in color--pink of course.  I have posted one of them at the right and will give you directions to see all of them once we have internet back (we've been using our very slow and expensive phone connections).  They are fantastic.  John heard some of the boys playing soccer and went over to play with them.  He was wearing sandals and came home limping having kicked a rock instead of the ball, but rather than complaining, he began figuring out what it would take to make a permanent goal post for them.  We just love living here and giving here.  John also got the kids a new soccer ball since they were using a bunch of plastic bags all squished together for a ball.  You are all invited to come see the school, the uniforms, and the soccer team.  It is a wonderful tribute to a wonderful music teacher, Caryn Pierce.  I know she can see it from heaven, you should come see it here.

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