Monday, June 18, 2012

Quote of the Day:  "Like Jesus we belong to the world living not for ourselves but for others."  - Mother Teresa

Considering that it is our winter here 95 degrees in the shade just doesn't seem right somehow.  Remember that we have no glass in our windows and no air conditioning.  Happily, we do have thick walls and a thick thatch layer over our metal roof, so inside the house it is just right, but go outside in the equatorial sun for five minutes and it's like you have spent two hours in a sauna.  They say here that "jua mkali" which means the sun is fierce.  They are so right.  Usually, I cool off by taking cold showers, but with this medical stuff hooked to me, I just have to tough it out.  It's okay though, it's the same for everybody.  Bwana Masele came by to talk church stuff and plans and I was still the bishop, so we talked it all out--again.  It is nice to be free from that pain.  I'm never free of pain, but I can deal with the pain that comes from aging and having bad feet.  I've lived with that for years, but the pain from two days ago was unendurable, so to be free of that, is free indeed.  Everybody here is saying that the devil was trying to get me because of all we've done for the church and that my survival is proof that God still has much more to do here.  I think I believe them.
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