Saturday, June 2, 2012

Quote of the Day:  Happy Birthday to my wife of forty-six years.   Me

Today is another birthday for my wife, and it is always a happy/sad occasion.  Happy that I have her for another year.  Happy that I have had her for over forty-six years.  Happy that she giggled when she saw the toaster that John had found in Mwanza, and it works!  Happy that she heard from all her sons.  Sad that it reminded her of her older brother's death at 55 back in 2003 and that with both her parents gone, it is just she and her younger brother now--and he is in his 60's.  Life goes on.  It was happy, too, because Lusi and Juliana both jumped when the toast popped up for the first time.  It took a bit for them to get over their fear, but at the last, they were excited too because it is so easy to use.  We are easily entertained here and that's a good thing.  John fixed us a very British dinner of baked beans with bacon over toast topped by a fried egg.  Very tasty.
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