Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Today's quote:  Nothing like a new project to brighten my day.--John Wiggins

Army ants are a very real problem here, and they act just like they do in all the movies you have seen.  You can actually hear them marching by and while you can't kill them (just too many) you can redirect their path.  They don't like fire and will give it a wide berth, so we (primarily Edina who got a few bites) built fires in their path until they went completely around our mission.  This is the second or third time in the last seven years that we have had them marching through, but we are becoming good at giving them new marching orders.  
     When we first came here to visit in 2003, we stayed at a Mennonite hostel in Musoma which had a little, tiny kitchen from which they fed us, doing all the cooking outdoors.  So, when we built Maisha Na Maji, we built a similarly sized kitchen which turned out to be a mistake.  We had people here during the rainy season when you couldn't cook outside and the thing was just too small to hold all the stuff we needed to cook for our guests and for the school.  John is determined to build a new kitchen even if takes several years to do it.  After all, he says, if we don't start, we will never finish.  Hard to argue with that, so, even though we have no money for a new kitchen, John started one doing all the stuff that doesn't cost anything but work and sweat.  The pictures to the right (click on one to take you to the others) show you how we lay out a kitchen, Tanzanian style that is probably the way they did it in Jesus day.  John can see the new kitchen in his head and I believe that he will get it built--however long it takes.  It does brighten our day to have a new building started.
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