Thursday, May 3, 2012

We have two wells on our property.  We dug the first one and cemented in the casements, but the column of water was not deep enough to fill the tanks we needed to run the mission.  We moved about fifty feet away and dug a second one to about the same depth, but the column of water in it was more than enough to give us all we needed even at the height of the dry season.  We turned the first well into a community well and fenced it in so we could lock it up at night.  No one comes for water at night, and we didn't want the pump to be stolen.  Well, over the years, the pump broke repeatedly--and we fixed it over and over.  Finally, John decided he had had enough of pump fixing and bought us a commercial pump normally used to get water from Lake Victoria, but it worked very well for our purposes.  He and Shaban put it in and cemented it in place (pictures at right, click on the picture to see more).  In about five days, after the cement cures, our area will have a new and much more reliable source of water--which as you can see from the quote above is pretty darn important around here.  God bless John for his compassionate heart and open wallet.
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