Friday, May 25, 2012

Quote of the Day:  If you compare our house to a five-star hotel, it's like we are living in a tent, but if you compare our house to a tent, it's like we are living in a five-star hotel.   Me

Another day with a truly heavy rainstorm.  The rainy season turns all of this part of Africa a dark green and brings the animals in the Serengeti up to and sometimes over the paved road.  Last night, when the thunder was rolling, the lightning flashing, and the rain making a good bit of noise pounding on our roof, it would have been easy to feel very good about being dry, warm, and safe from lightning and fire.  However, any sense of contentment is immediately banished by the thought that even our own workers are neither safe nor dry.  Their homes leak through the thatch roofs, rain comes in the windows, and the dirt floors quickly become muddy.  The whole family will be crowded into the one bed because the kids can't sleep on their bamboo mats in the mud.  They have no power and no lights inside, so the darkness is often pierced by the lightning flashes scaring everybody in the family.  I remember I once asked Lusi if her floor got wet last night, and she just laughed and said, "You know I don't have a floor."  It is too easy to only think of our own comfort, but much better if we can remember that we need to be both thankful for what we have and compassionate for those who have little or nothing.  Christ told us to do just that, but it is hard.  Still, we need to do it.
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