Friday, May 11, 2012

Quote of the day:  Where there is love there is life.  -  Mohandas Gandhi

Got started on the new bathrooms (choos) today.  With the church running a preschool every day (Santa Caryn Academy) and with us running a school (Elimu Ni Uhuru--Education is Freedom) every day, we needed more than two bathrooms, so we are adding two more.  We will leave two dedicated for the church/school and will have a shower and two more dedicated to Maisha Na Maji.  It was hard to find bricks in the rainy season because they don't start to make them until after the rainy season is over.  If you try to make bricks when it is raining, you are just spinning your wheels, but we found a guy who had overbought for a construction project on the other side of Bunda and he was willing to sell us his excess which was all we needed.  We still have to reroute the water line and connect the new ones up to the septic tank that we just had drained a few weeks ago.   Should be able to finish next week and this will eliminate a lot of the shouting and shoving going on (the little ones usually lose to the big kids, but not always).  Sometimes peace means building new bathrooms.  Remember that.
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