Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Quote of the Day:  “He that would have the fruit must climb the tree.” - Dr. Thomas Fuller

We have started Charlini going to school all day.  The official school day is over at noon, but the teachers (for some extra money) will stay and teach one-on-one for the rest of the afternoon.  We tried it for a couple of days and Charlini loves it.  Whether it's the attention or getting to do more in school really doesn't matter.  As long as she loves it and improves, we will continue to pay for it.  Karen got the uniforms for the new Santa Caryn Academy today.  We will have pictures later but they are really cute and as pink as we could get them.  Caryn, for whom the school is named, loved pink, so we remember her this way.  Just because I have stopped mentioning the power outages doesn't mean we have stopped having them.  Since most of Tanzania's power is hydroelectric, all during the rainy season, the generators are running at full capacity, but it still has to deal with antiquated equipment, so the power goes out two or three times a day.  Not for long periods, sometimes just seconds, sometimes a few minutes, and about once a month for several hours or so.  There is a new internet provider in Bunda that is offering the same as what we have been getting for half what we were paying, so we may be switching soon.
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