Thursday, May 24, 2012

Quote of the Day: The best way out is always through. -- Robert Frost

We had a good meeting today with three officers from immigration and our general secretary and a trustee of the church.  We had all the documents they wanted, and they were quite impressed with us and with our mission.  After about an hour or two of talking, the group got up to leave to go to Magu where they would continue to work.  As they were about to leave, the chief immigration officer asked me to pray for them.  I took that as a good sign--that and the fact that he said it looked like we were the ones suffering at the hands of the Kenya church.  Hopefully, this will put an end to it, but I can't count on it.  What is most likely to happen is that any future missionaries from the Methodist Church in Kenya will only be allowed in Tanzania if they have a letter from us allowing them to stay here.  The current pastor in Magu from Kenya will most likely have to leave, but only time will tell.  Things move slowly here and not always the way you expect them to move.  We will pray that the truth will be enough and that we can get back to being about our Father's business.
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