Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Juliana's son has been kicked out of vocational school and is currently serving a two-week sentence in jail where Juliana has wisely (I think) allowed him to stay.  She could get him out by bribing an official and paying a fine, but she says that would do no good, and he needs to learn a lesson.  I, too, was once in jail when I was very young, and I learned my lesson and never went back.  I have other relatives who have learned that lesson as well.  There is no guarantee that he will learn anything from this, but laying around and smoking dope is just not an option.  I don't know if she could get him in the army but that seems like a good way to go.  I'm afraid he is going to give her much grief and little joy, but as a parent of a twenty year old, all she can do is love him and hope that he finds a way out of the hole he dug for himself.  We can, and will, be praying for him.  I know, as every parent does, the heartache of seeing a child suffer and not being able to fix things for him, but we can certainly support her and lift her up in prayer--and him (his name is Fabiani).  God can indeed work wonders, but the son will need to see the Son, and we will pray that happens.  In a world of malaria and poverty, it seems unfair to have these kinds of problems, too, but it is a reality.  Christ offers hope, now, and always, so we will hope and pray.  Would you join us?
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