Tuesday, April 17, 2012

You never know what is going to happen around here.  After a weekend of not having things sorted out, everything was in place and humming along smoothly when a visitor was announced.  A man showed up with money in his hand wanting fifteen filters.  He paid half up front (around $500) so we could buy cement, sand, and gravel.  He asked us to call him when they are ready and he will send a truck.  Caught us by surprise, but we rose to the occasion.  The cement is already purchased and we get the sand and gravel tomorrow.  We had ten wooden tops already made so only need five more.  We (Shaban) can make three a day by himself, so he can turn out fifteen in five days, then five days more for the cement to cure and we call the guy to pick up his filters.  The thing is that each filter can provide safe, clean water for drinking and washing for up to 30 people a day.  Fifteen filters means 450 people will benefit.  We have now placed over 200 filters helping almost 6,000 people.  Not bad.  Jerry Buckingham made all this possible.  Now that we have a preschool in the church every day, we have a traffic jam at the choos (bathrooms), so we will be building two more inside the compound for our workers which will free the others up for the preschool traffic.  You never know what problems will show up until you start doing something--highly preferable to doing nothing.
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