Friday, April 20, 2012

Woke up today to birds singing and children laughing on their way to school (remember we have no glass in our windows).  Hard to wake up grumpy when everyone and everything around you is happy.  Went outside and found two little girls at the gate.  They were both four years old and had showed up early for the nursery school at the Bunda Methodist Church (right outside our gate) and needed to use the bathroom (choo), so I invited them in.  They were a little wary at first, having never seen a white man up close before but their need soon overcame their fear and they came in.  They were both named Esther, but one informed me rather forcefully that she was Esther ZACARAI.  Yeah, she had a good sized voice in that little body.  Kids here really want to go to school and always show up early with some walking five kilometers in the dark to get there.  I never liked school that much, but I love seeing that passion here.  There is so much we can do when the desire is there.  Pray that we never let them down.
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