Saturday, April 28, 2012

We had our big annual conference meeting today which would be more like a small committee meeting at most churches.  Remember, our whole denomination has but 4,000 members which is quite an increase over the 400 that we had ten years ago, but still a small number by American standards.  Add to that the high cost of travel and accommodations and despite the fact that we can put up quite a few pastors, we only had six to stay with us.  Still, we had about 80 people at the meeting--a good turnout.  They voted to continue with Bishop Monto as Presiding Bishop and me as the Bishop of Mara and Mwanza regions for another five years.  It was the first conference meeting for six churches that didn't exist at the last meeting, and we thank God for them.  Tanzanians love to talk and what would take one hour to do in the States takes about four hours here so that everyone who wants to speak can be heard.  I was unable to attend as I wrenched my back yesterday and have been in a lot of pain today.  Thankfully, someone from some group left behind some muscle rub which is working wonders, so I should be back up and around in no time.  John is getting slowly better from his typhoid.  Karen does not have the flu--the doctor said a case of flu here in Tanzania is as rare as a case of malaria in the U.S., so she has something else, but she is improving, too.  Tomorrow's blog will be another of the articles I wrote for an Arkansas newspaper called, "A Piece of the Rock", about security.  I hope you are enriched by reading it.
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