Thursday, April 12, 2012

We had a hard rain last night and our power pole fell over into the fence.  Because this is Bunda, nothing could be done until today around noon when they put it back up and fixed the fence.  Thank God for generators.  When my artificial sweetener arrived it was accompanied by a bag of sugar-free candy for diabetics, so I was pleasantly surprised.  Thanks to the those who brought it here from the U.S. and those who brought it from Mwanza to Bunda (our Australian friends).  John's students didn't make it today after he had stayed up preparing for them, so he slept all day.  A pastor from Lamadi came and bought three filters and ordered thirty more.  That will make almost forty for this month alone.  Jerry's dream is slowly coming true and his hard work is bearing dividends.  Thank you, Jerry, from all those who will have safe water to drink.
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