Friday, April 6, 2012

We got four more desks and some Bibles to the St. Wiggins Academy and the Bible school in Lamadi.  The school is doing well, but it is having difficulties getting registered with the government, but that is typical and we will work through it as we do in all things.  John has had to spend some more money on the pump because the cattle started coming to it and licking it and pooping everywhere.  There is now a low brick wall around it that keeps the cattle away.  Bricks are fairly cheap but the cement is expensive, so the whole thing cost about $200 but what could we do?   The villages are very happy again because they thought all the hard work was going to be for nothing, but the pump is still working and pumping water up from 150 feet down.  My friend, Pete, is still at the beach with his kids who are loving it.  He discovered he has some natural swimmers in the group.  How else would you find out something like that?  When Karen and I taught in ghetto schools in Los Angeles, we were just twenty miles from the beach and ocean but none of our kids had ever been there.  One kid asked Karen on the way to the ocean, "Is there a deep end?"  We live too far from the ocean here for a trip like that, but we have the Serengeti National Park so we can show our kids the animals that are theirs but they never see.  We arrange two trips a year for the kids and the teachers, too.  Amazing how many blessings can be so close but so very far away.  We are praying for all of you this Easter weekend.  May you remember both the suffering and the rejoicing.
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