Saturday, April 14, 2012

We drove to the Serengeti Stop Over for lunch today and saw a baboon jump into a truck cab while the driver was talking to the weight station officers.  The driver was smiling as he ran back to his truck, but I don't think he was after he got in there with the baboon.  We took off for lunch because the water was off at the house.  We discovered the root of our plumbing problems--a root.  One of our trees that we now see is much taller than the rest had sent its roots right through our main water line.  It must have been very happy to have discovered such a good water source.  Got it all fixed without Roto-Rooter--just good old manual labor.  Tomorrow's blog will be another of the newspaper mini sermons featuring my brother-in-law, John Lusby, now retired and living in Bandera, Texas.  Check it out.
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