Thursday, April 19, 2012

Three new bio-sand filters sitting in the shade today and three more in the molds for tomorrow--which brings me to butter, of course.  In spite of huge numbers of cattle and goats here, no one uses them to make butter or cheese for some strange reason.  If we want butter, we have to buy it imported from New Zealand, and we have to drive to Mwanza to get it.  So instead, here, and apparently in most of the world around the equator or in countries where it gets really hot--we have Blue Band.  Blue Band is a special formula for margarine that won't melt inside a kiln.  It is still easily spreadable when it's over 120 degrees Fahrenheit.  It is edible and not too bad (nowhere near the taste of real butter, of course) but don't put it in the refrigerator because then it turns into a yellow brick that you can use for construction purposes and no knife will penetrate it.  So, of course, that's what we coat the inside of the molds for the bio-sand filters with.  Any oil product would run down the sides and pool at the bottom, but not Blue Band.  It stays right where you put it as a barrier between the steel of the mold and the concrete insides of the filter.  As it is edible, it causes no later problems with filter contamination.  We just couldn't do it without our Blue Band.  For building bio-sand filters or spreading on toast or grilling cheese sandwiches, nothing beats Blue Band.  Welcome to our world.
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