Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Shaban has been working very hard today, but we will pour the cement into three molds tonight which will be three bio-sand filters tomorrow.  The cement has to be in the mold for more than twelve hours but less than twenty-four, so he will pour them before five and pull them out tomorrow before eight am.  Then he will clean the molds (which were made in Musoma to Jerry Buckingham's directions) and be ready to pour three more tomorrow night.  We have to find a replacement for Paul who left us after we had trained him.  Shaban is volunteering his work, but we need someone we can pay who can start a business.  We sell the filters for about $50 each (cost is high to make them) and we give the Methodist Church in Tanzania $2.00 for every filter we sell.  It's not much, but if we ever really get going . . . that could turn out to be quite a bit.  Our missionary friend, Alison Compton, is coming by to visit on Sunday.  She works with SIL, the Bible translators, but her mission has to do with literacy.  She came to visit Karen when she was in the hospital in Nairobi back in 2010.  She is a very nice American girl who is doing an excellent job while fighting off chronic typhoid.
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