Friday, April 27, 2012

Sad day.  Found out that the son of one of our workers that we had put into vocational school has dropped out and is doing drugs.  His poor mother has enough on her plate without this.  Another worker's daughter has dropped out of secondary school and is working as a prostitute.
We already knew that Bwana Masele had lost his sixteen year old son to murder about ten years ago.  Doesn't seem fair that bad things happen to people who are already suffering, but that is the way of this world.  That's why it is so important to bring Christ and His light into this world of darkness.  Our workers are devout Christians and that is what holds them together.  Christ offers hope to all those who are suffering and heavy laden, and boy does that describe those who live here.  Still, there is good news as well.  One of our workers' daughter is doing very well in nursing school and has already been offered a good paying job when she graduates.  Bishop Monto's son, Adam Charles, had such a high grade point at the university he's attending in Uganda that they are now paying all his fees.  As the quote above states so clearly, you just help the one in front of you and let God worry about the rest.  I thank God for all those throughout my life who found me in front of them and guided and helped me.  God bless each of you who does the same for one other.

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