Monday, April 9, 2012

Now we know how long we can go before we have to have our septic tanks pumped out--seven years, so we will have to prepare for this again in 2019.  It wasn't bad.  The guys came out about an hour after we located them and it cost about $100 for everything and that's for three septic tanks (the house, guest cottage, and the church).  Outside of the noise, everything went very smoothly with no odor--at least not in the house because I didn't go outside until they were gone.  Turns out Andrew John who helps Edina has typhoid and was still coming to work because he was afraid about losing wages.  We had Shaban take him to the hospital for the first of three days of injections.  We convinced Andrew that we would pay him sick leave and he calmed down.  Typhoid comes from drinking infected water and Andrew John is the only member of the staff who doesn't have one of our filters.  We will change that.
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