Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More rain, surprise, surprise!  Shaban has fifteen biosand filters finished and is working to get five more done so that 20 can be picked up in a couple of weeks.  Then, he has to build fifteen more right away.  We really need to get someone local trained to make filters.  There is no school tomorrow because it is a national holiday--the day that Tanganyika and Zanzibar united to become Tanzania.  This is a holiday that means only the banks, schools, and government offices will be closed.  Everybody else just goes on as usual.  Neema (works with Karen's school and cooks for groups) came in today with a new granddaughter who was really scared of the first white people she had ever seen.  Turns out though, that we were not as scary as the dogs.  She did not want to go back outside and for a while we were complemented until Neema told us of her phobia about dogs.  Juliana is still out today--we sent her home Monday because she had the flu and at first she thought we were punishing her for something.  We gave her money for medicine and told her to rest till she felt better and then she was okay with it.  Maybe she will be back tomorrow.  Bishop Monto is meeting with me this evening to plan for a big church meeting on Saturday.  We will probably have pastors staying with us on Friday and Saturday night.  Of course, we never charge the pastors or church members for staying here--it is part of our mission.  We did have an inquiry about a group of 25 people coming from a "Jesus Film" project.  Will have to see how that works out.
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