Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Made it to Musoma, but the trip that used to take an hour (68 km/42m) now takes an hour and a half.  They are working on the road and only a third of the trip is on pavement, the rest of the time you are on dirt diversion (detour) roads that they don't maintain.  When you arrive, you have received what they call here "an African massage".  John had meetings with the TTCL people and he may be going to Dar Es Salaam before too long to set up free wifi in the international airport there.  I went by the hospital and the bank and then went out to a place on the grounds of the Catholic bishop where they raise fat chickens.  We were told they had sold all they had for Easter in Kenya and to come back in two months when the current chicks would be ready.  John found a good-sized frozen chicken in a shop in Musoma and we bagged it.  Oh, the doctor at the Coptic hospital looked at Karen's blood tests and said, "Not very bad, actually."  Not sure what that means but he didn't ask us to repeat the tests or to bring Karen in, so I guess that's good.  We just found out a friend has breast cancer and will have to have surgery and chemotherapy.  We are down, but know that many survive, so are asking prayers for "Tove" (pronounced tov-uh).  She is a single mom with one little boy.  We hate cancer.
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