Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Karen got her blood tests done in Mwanza today and also gave a tissue sample for biopsy but we wait two weeks for those results.  All this is just to make sure everything is still okay.  They had pizza for lunch at a vegetarian pizza place.  They also saw our friend Dan Tanner who said he had sent some artificial sweetener to me.  Us diabetics have trouble here because there are virtually no diabetic products available.  Apparently this was brought from the U.S. by a group that visited Dan--thanks to all of you.  It rained hard here today.  Francis (security worker) had a father-in-law die and went to a nearby village to bring the body back.  Andrew John is still out with typhoid but should return tomorrow.  Shaban has a bad boil on his right leg which is giving him a lot of pain.  Shaban's wife wants to come and have John teach her how to cook several dishes that Shaban and his family love when we send some home with him.  Maybe John will start teaching how to cook for Wazungu so the local ladies and men can get better jobs.  We will see.
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