Thursday, April 26, 2012

John has typhoid and Karen has flu-like symptoms but the hospitals were all closed today because of the national holiday, so tomorrow it's Coptic hospital time in Musoma.  We thank God for the wonderful Christian doctors and nurses there.  They will not let us pay for treatment or medication, so I send them Bibles and mosquito nets from time to time.  Shaban is outside banging out more biosand filters as I write, and by "banging" I mean the rubber hammer he uses to make sure the cement settles in the mold properly.  It's a technique that Jerry Buckingham taught him.  I had a good meeting with Presiding Bishop Monto today.  Saturday is our annual conference and the delegates will be voting on whether or not to continue with Monto as Presiding Bishop and me as Bishop of Mara and Mwanza Regions.  Here, we serve five-year terms that can be renewed twice.  So, if I live long enough, I can be a Bishop Emeritus in ten years if they keep electing me.  Once a bishop always a bishop, but they can ask for someone else to run these two regions if they so choose.  No one else wants the job, and I understand why.  Not only is there no pay, but you are expected to finance projects and travel for the pastors--which I do happily.  If nominated, I will run, and if elected, I will serve.  You answer God's call and you have to take the consequences, although I see them as challenges that I will tackle as best I can.  I may have let God down on occasion, but God has never let me down.  Thanks be to God.  
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