Monday, April 16, 2012

Hope you enjoyed yesterday's blog--it is a good sermon illustration for your favorite pastor because it really happened.  You can write to John Lusby to verify if you want to.  Cold and rainy here today.  Finally got the plumbing fixed.  You ever notice how you never need to use the restroom until the water is off?  It was okay because we've got buckets and have done this sort of thing before.  Shaban's wife and child both have malaria and he spent all morning at the regional hospital in Musoma to get them injections.  They will be fine, but malaria kills young children here at an alarming rate, so we never mess about but get them to the hospital at the first signs.  Sadly, many don't have the money and their children die for lack of medicine that is available but cost about $2.00.  Dealt with two personnel problems successfully.  John is really good at doing this and I don't have to, so it is very nice.  All but two of our workers have been with us for six years or more, so naturally we have trouble with the newest two.  Ndivyo ilivyo  (what can you do?)?
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