Wednesday, April 4, 2012

As our friends were packing up this morning, one of the girls discovered a stow-a-way in their luggage.  An African house snake about one foot long had crawled into one of the suitcases.  Daniel got it out and Amos (our security guard) killed it.  It was an exciting ten minutes or so.  We think the house snake had family in Zanzibar and wanted to fly out to visit with our guests.  Too bad though.  African house snakes look too much like the poisonous mamba to take any chances with kids around, so we are less one snake now.  In the last seven years, I think Amos has killed maybe three or four snakes about the same size and the same kind.  That works out to one small, harmless snake about every two years, but Lusi and other staff are scared to death of them, so if they come in to our area, they will have to be killed.  Our visitors got off all okay and fed and will be in Zanzibar by tonight for a good rest before they go back to work for the mission headquarters in Germany.  We had some good, long talks and really enjoyed having them here.  The girls were so cute but we couldn't talk to them because they had forgotten all their Swahili and only knew German.  I can speak several languages but German isn't one of them, however, a smile and a tickle are the same in all languages.  I will never know what it is like to raise a daughter and unless they go for a fifth child, Daniel will never know what it is to raise a son (the one on the way is a girl, too).  I guess God knows what He is doing.  I love my sons and Daniel loves his daughters--that's as it ought to be.
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