Monday, March 19, 2012

Wow!  Just Wow!  John and Shaban left here at 6:45 am yesterday with the welding generator in the back of the car.  They came back in about an hour to pick up four fundis (technicians and helpers) and headed back out.  They didn't get back till 5:00 pm, tired but so, so excited because the pump was in place, with the anti-theft welding in place, and pulling really clear water up from 150 feet down.  There were lots of ups and downs as there always are with these things.  The first welding generator was too big, so they had to go back and get a smaller one.  They had to glue the pvc casings together (twelve feet each) to reach 150 feet.  Then they had to get them in place using hand power and ropes (see pictures).  Then they had to assemble the pump and get it all hooked up.  The government technician was really great especially since he couldn't move his right arm much due to a pikipiki (motorbike) accident on Friday.  He directed and his helper did the heavy lifting.  Once the pump was assembled and working, they had to do the anti-theft welding with a pattern that Karen created.  The government fundi had never seen anything like it, but he wanted to use it on his other wells, it worked so well.  Of course, the generator sparked and blew a part off and leaked all the diesel all over the ground.  Not about to be frustrated at this stage of the game, Shaban used the hand pump on our diesel engined car to pump out two liters of diesel which was enough for the repaired generator to finish the job.  The secretary of the community came to see the working pump after she got out of church.  She said she saw God when she was inside the church and now she saw God at work in the outside because only God could have brought them water.  John came home very tired and very sunburned, but he was also very happy and rightly so.  What an incredible gift he gave these three villages.  There is a picture at right and about five more if you click on that one.  Way to go, John and Shaban!  A great team that wants everyone to know that this is pump NUMBER ONE--there will be more.  John calls it "pump kwanza" or first pump.
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