Friday, March 16, 2012

Well, we've got the generator for the welding machine here at Maisha Na Maji.  Shaban brought it from Musoma today.  The fundi only has Sunday free, so Sunday we will be assembling and installing and welding the pump at the ThreeVillage site.  Taking Karen to the Coptic Hospital in Musoma early tomorrow morning for her minor surgery which she is not looking forward to, but what can you do?  In Swahili, it is "ndivyo ilivyo" with a shrug of the shoulders.  It's got to be done, so just go do it.  She is trying some new medicine for her fibromyalgia, but it's too soon to tell if it is working any better than the other stuff.  Juliana's sister's husband died today and the funeral is tomorrow, so she won't be here.  She didn't really know him, but family is family.  John taught all day yesterday and was both tired and excited at the end of the day.  Someone sent us some DVD's of the tv show "The Office" that we just started watching and it is hilarious.  It is funnier to John because he worked in cubicles at Wal-Mart.  Karen and I never really worked in that environment, but anyone who has had coworkers can usually put names to the characters in the show.  We have finished season one and are working our way through the four seasons we were given.  We just finished watching the whole ten seasons of "Northern Exposure" which we really enjoyed.  We will wait a few months and then start over again because we will have forgotten what happened by then.  Some aspects of aging are a plus. 

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