Thursday, March 15, 2012

We had a little trouble with one of the filters because we didn't make it clear that the molds are in two parts and both parts have to have the same numbers or the holes don't line up exactly.  Got it fixed and only lost one filter but were able to save the copper for a new one.  We are trying to make six by next Tuesday and hopefully will make it.  Having some problems getting the pump installed because the fundi we were counting on to do the work was in a motorbike accident and hurt his shoulder.  We will try to get around this by having him direct another fundi while sitting nearby.  We had hoped to install it tomorrow, but you know how "kama" (if) works in this culture, so it looks like Monday at the earliest working around Karen's minor surgery on Saturday morning.  Keep her in your prayers and for her doctor who is a Coptic Christian from Cairo and if you've been watching the news you know things are unstable and dangerous for the Christians in Cairo right now.  She will be taking some Bibles with her for their church.  Every little bit helps.
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