Wednesday, March 28, 2012

We had the internet back for a few hours today, but then had a huge thunderstorm that wiped it out again.  Alas, sometimes the weather is not our friend.  I was so excited about our new stove, I completely forgot about the great chasm that divides our life from those of our workers and neighbors who have neither power, nor light, and cook over charcoal fires.  It was brought home today when Juliana asked for an advance on her pay of about $20 to buy grass to fix the thatch on her house.  The big storm and lightning of last weekend tore holes in her roof and the rain falls in her house and floods the floor.  I didn't give her the advance, but I found out how much she needed and arranged to fix her roof.  How easy it is to forget what others don't have and to focus, even whine, about what we are missing.  I was humbled--that much was sure.  We are starting a nursery school in the Bunda Methodist Church on April 1st, and we are funding the beginning costs and I'm sure will pay for more as the it gets up and running, but this is what we want.  This will bring the number of Methodist churches with nursery schools to five.  We hope, one day, to have all twenty-five churches with schools.  If there is anything I have learned here it is that dreams can come true--maybe not as fast as we hoped--but they come true all the same.  It is absolutely wonderful to have played a small part in what must seem like a fairy tale ending for some.  Jesus asked us to do it but didn't mention how good it would feel.
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