Thursday, March 1, 2012

We got the new biosand filter today and delivered it to the Anglican Bunda Bible College.  They were so happy, and there were three men from other schools visiting and they want them, too.  A good day for clean water and healthier students.  John had to bring a server from TTCL home to do a complete repair and refurbish.  All he had on hand were old parts but that was okay because the server was just as old.  The main thing is he got it up and running to the delight of everyone who has internet in Bunda.  It was a very cold day with no sun and rain all night the night before and cold winds (okay it was in the low 60's, but that is really cold here) and Karen was in a lot of pain all day.  Juliana and Lusi both worked in jackets inside the house.  We got the desks for St. Wiggins Academy ordered and should be able to deliver those next week.  Right now, the kids are sitting on the floor and having to write on their laps.  Each desk will seat three of the little guys, so six desks means eighteen more kids are off the floor.  We now have fifteen desks there but need fifty, so we aren't there yet.  There is so much need here, it is always hard to decide who to help and how much.  God is our guide (and things that make us cry).
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