Monday, March 5, 2012

We got the first new desks today back from the fundi (carpenter) today.  We will deliver them to St. Wiggins Academy in Lamadi (about 20 miles from here) later this week.  Right now most of the 200 kids sit on bamboo mats placed on the dirt floor and have to write in their laps.  This will bring the number of desks to 22, so that 66 kids can be at desks and off the floor.  We need many more, but will build them as the money comes in--about $35 per desk (wood is very expensive here now).  On a sadder note, Juliana's son, who we paid the school fees to go to vocational school has been getting in fights and was smashed in the head with a piece of firewood on Saturday and needed stitches.  He and Juliana have to go see the principal tomorrow.  Her son may be expelled which means he won't be able to get into any vocational school in Tanzania after this.  It hurts not to be able to help, but the young man seems to be self destructive.  We hope and pray that he can learn from this and maybe not get expelled, but it is not our place to interfere even though our hearts hurt for Juliana.  By the way, our solar lights are working perfectly and we know how much they are saving us because the electric company raised its rates by 40% and our bill remained the same--so we are saving 40%.  It is still comforting to know that no matter what, we still have fifteen security lights burning at night whether the power is there or not.
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