Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We are still coming down from the euphoria of this past weekend.  Shaban was deeply affected by it because he has never been involved with something that did so much for others.  He is going to his home village later this week and wants to see if we can put a well in his home village.  The village is south of Mwanza by about 100 miles so it won't be the same as doing one that was just twenty minutes away, but if we can, we will do it.  First, we want to go out to Karikakari and finish the well that was started there by one of our visiting groups.  They have already hand-dug it down to forty feet, so it shouldn't be too hard to finish.  After that, well (pun intended), God will guide us.  A bit thank you to the board of the One Book Foundation for their help with the pump project for we now have all the money that was pledged by family, the Methodist church in Winslow, AR, and a house church in South Carolina--plus individuals that we don't even know who gave through PayPal.  The "Kwanza Well" (first well) is a tribute to all those who helped with prayers and donations.  We can do nothing here without people in other parts of the world providing support for our work which is their work which is God's work.  Our propane stove sprung four leaks at once and will have to be replaced after only five years of service.  We bought it used from some missionaries that were headed back to the States, so no one knows how old it really is.  Shaban took what we hope is enough money and rode the bus to Mwanza this afternoon and will return with a new stove tomorrow if he can find one that fits the space and our budget.  When one door closes, another opens over and over again.  God is good, all the time.
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