Friday, March 23, 2012

There is now a St. Wiggins Methodist Church in Lamadi and NO, I had nothing to do with its naming.  It's next to the school and they have a Bible school going there or will as soon as I can get ten Bibles to them next Wednesday along with four more desks.  I can be having a really down day and then God sends me something like this as a pick-me-up.  It works.  Met with the evangelist from Kabasa and their nursery school is doing well but they need supplies, so Karen sent them some basic stuff.  I need to follow it up with a visit to see what they really need.  The men have started a woodworking group to raise money for the people of the church, so I bought them a good plane, a good saw, and a good hammer.  There are cheap ones available, but they only last for a week or two.  These people have a special place in our hearts because the church was started as a result of a sanitation and hygiene workshop done there.  Also had a good meeting with Bunda Circuit Pastor Nyanza who is moving into a house just around the corner from us.  I am paying his rent which is about $30 a month and I also gave him money to buy furniture because the last pastor trashed what I bought him.  He is doing such a good job.  He is also planning a visit to where we put in the pump to see about starting a Methodist church there.  Expanding God's Kingdom comes in many forms.  Keep us in your prayers, the medicine for my diabetes is worse than the disease, so next week will see if I can change it, add something to take away the side effects, or go to insulin injections--we'll see.
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