Saturday, March 24, 2012

Power has been out all day.  We have been having short power outages (a few seconds to a minute or two) every day two or three times and once or twice a week, an outage that lasts three or four hours or more.  Saturdays and Sundays are the days they work on repairs and it is not unusual to have an eight to ten hour outage on one of those days.  Since Shaban is gone, we had to hire a taxi to go get more petrol (gasoline) for the generator.  The taxi driver has a disability and we love to help him whenever we can, he is such a nice guy--and he loves to help us.  Win, win, win.  John just gave me some orange juice which I drank before I looked it up and found out it is a diabetic no-no.  I can have one frozen banana a day which has become my ice cream.  It's pretty good, and we have lots of bananas growing in our yard.  The internet was out for twenty-four hours which was only upsetting because it interfered with my "Words with Friends" games I am playing with one of our board members back in the States.  We are pretty evenly matched but I think she wins more than I do.  John plays a drawing game on his Android tablet with some guys in New Zealand and in England.  Karen's wound is healing (seven stitches) but it is still painful for her.  Keep her in your prayers.  Tomorrow's blog is another of the newspaper articles I wrote several years ago, but I think it may be the best one.
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