Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The new church at Murenda has been meeting under a tree for three years now, but has come together as a congregation and made bricks and built a foundation and walls for a church.  Now, they need a lintel to hold the walls together while they raise money to build a roof.  If they don't get this done, the next big storm can bring the walls down, so Pastor Festo is coming by tomorrow to get the $200 they need to buy the cement and steel reinforcing rods to make the lintel on Friday.  I love helping the churches that do so much on their own.  I was there for the first service of this church and baptized about forty people that day.  God is good.  Juliana met with the principal of the vocational school this morning, and it looks like her son can stay but on probation.  We are asking for prayers for Fabiani, her son, that this will work, so he will have a decent shot at life.  The Chinese are rebuilding the road between here and Musoma and today they severed the fiber optic cable carrying internet and cell phone service to Musoma.  Musoma has no internet or cell phone service for one company (others were not affected) and it may be a month before they get it restored.  We still have it for now, but the same road crew will be working south of Bunda in a few weeks, so we may be next.  It is never boring here.
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