Monday, March 26, 2012

Lightning hit the internet antennae for Bunda on Sunday and fried all of the equipment.  More is on the way, but for a while we have to use our very slow and very expensive phone service to get on and we can't download anything.  Life is tough here in the African bush.  Shaban came back today really changed by his trip to his home village.  They are very hungry there because there has been too much rain and it ruined the crops.  Shaban got to be the knight on a white horse for his village and they were so grateful.  He gave away almost everything he had with him, including his phone.  When I asked him why he gave his phone away, he said he was just following our lead which was a great compliment.  Karen gets her stitches out tomorrow, and I know she will be glad of that.  I found out how to adjust my medication for diabetes and haven't been sick at all since last Thursday.  It feels really good to have that out of the way.  Pastor Festo is coming on Wednesday to talk about the well in his village, so we'll see what we need to do.  We will also be delivering another filter tomorrow to Musoma.  Little by little is how the world changes.
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