Saturday, March 17, 2012

Karen's minor surgery went well this morning--she even went shopping afterward.  She's home with her computer in her lap and looks just fine.  John and Shaban are testing the welding generator this afternoon before they take it out to the ThreeVillage site tomorrow.  We had a wonderful, drop-in visit from some missionary friends we haven't seen in years.  Dan Tanner and his wife are creating an orphanage that is more like a village down near Mwanza.  Dan was born in Tanzania while his father was a missionary here.  They used to live in Musoma when we first arrived here, but within a year, they had moved down to a 200 acre site that was their dream.  Things are going slow but forward for them, as almost all projects do, just ask Karen.  Things do not move fast here, but they do move--you just need a lot of patience.  They stopped by to use John's computer expertise and of course John didn't disappoint them.  They got all they wanted done and more.  Tomorrow's blog will be another of the articles I wrote almost twenty years ago when I was a pastor in Gravette, Arkansas.  It's called "A Piece of Paper" and I think you'll enjoy it.
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