Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Karen got her stitches out and the doctor was pleased with how she was healing.  The internet may be out until mid April because of the difficulty of getting new equipment and its cost.  Happily, even though slow and expensive we can use my phone and John's to check email, post blogs, etc.  What we can't do is download upgrades and things, but we've had it worse and survived.  We got the filter delivered to the Bible translators in Musoma and are working on redoing the electricity to one of the guest cottages.  They were suppose to use 4mm wire, but they used 2.5mm and spliced it three times so that when it rains it shorts out and kills about everything.  The guy is coming tomorrow to replace the wire with the right size but it is $5.00 a meter and we need 53 meters, so it's not a cheap fix but a necessary one.  We have friends coming in a few days who will need to stay in that cottage since the Bunda circuit pastor is still living in the other one.  Oh, and on another happy note, Charlini has started kissing Karen's and my hands when she leaves at night.  It was so cool.  She can brighten a very dreary day.
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