Saturday, March 3, 2012

John made spaghetti and sausage meatballs tonight.  His cooking skills have kept our diet from being mundane, that's for sure.  He made two loaves of homemade oat bread today.  Twice last week, he made his famous chili.  He also makes an incredible spinach and cheese calzone.  We can't get crackers here, like Premium Saltines, so John got a recipe and learned how to make them from just flour and water.  Stir fry is another specialty of which we never tire.  If we see something in a movie that makes us want it, John will be on the internet figuring out how to do it with what we have here.  Sometimes, he makes pizza, and sometimes, while we're watching TV, he shows up with melted cheese on crackers he has made.  Shaban wants his wife to come learn from him and the Juliana and Lusi have cooked several things for their families that John has taught them how to do.  What a huge difference it makes just to have that one special food to look forward to.  He makes our lives here so much more manageable and we love it.  Thank you, John.
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