Friday, March 9, 2012

John and Shaban left at 5:45 am this morning to drive to the Kenyan border at a Tanzanian town called Sirari.  The border can be a confusing and dangerous place.  They got there at 7:30 am but argued and fought with officials (who wanted more money in bribes) for two hours.  Finally, close to 10:00 am they got the pump across the border and into the car.  It came in many bags and with many lengths of well casings so they had to make sure it was all there before they left.  John had contracted with a government water official to do the assembly and installation of the pump, including the welding to slow down theft.  This means we have to get a welder, a generator, and all his welding stuff up to the well site.  The pump is normally just held down by bolts which makes stealing it fairly simple, so John is having the bolts welded.  When maintenance is needed in about four years, they will just bring a cutting torch, cut off the bolts, fix the pump and then reweld it.  The government official is working out the arrangements for the welder, so it will be next week before the pump can be installed on the well.  We didn't have all the money to do it yet, but we have been having paperwork problems getting the new treasurer on the One Book Foundation bank account, and I have to sign some papers just emailed to me and send them back.  We took money out of our savings to get the pump now, knowing that we will soon have the money from the foundation.  Apparently, red tape is universal whether at the Kenyan border or an Arkansas bank.  There are several pictures of the pump you can see by clicking on the picture at the right.  Karen is so proud of John, I think she may pop.  God is good.
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