Thursday, March 8, 2012

I mentioned in a recent blog that the church in Muranda had been "meeting under a tree" which is an expression here that means there is no church building.  Sometimes there is no tree, just tarps stretched between poles.  Most of the active churches are busy making bricks and gathering stones for the foundation.  Muranda has done just that and has the walls up beyond window height and need a lintel (a concrete, reinforced layer that holds the walls together for strength).  Lintels need concrete and steel reinforcing rods which are very expensive (for here).  A single bag of cement that sold for $10 when we moved here is now $20 a bag, and they need five bags plus the rebar or about $200.  I gave the money to Pastor Festo (the circuit pastor for Muanda that has an evangelist for services) two days ago and today the lintel is in place.  I'd have pictures but the rains have washed out the roads to Muranda.  I do have two pictures of what it looked like for its first service.  The one at right shows the tree and exterior and if you click on it--it will take you to a shot of the interior.  They now meet in the new building and pull tarps over the open roof area for shade and protection from the rain after walking up to five kilometers just to get there.  Think about that the next time you complain at not getting to park near the front door of the church.
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