Wednesday, March 21, 2012

He did it!  Shaban rode the bus to Mwanza yesterday evening (about a hundred miles of badly paved road), spent the night, found a new propane stove, called me to tell me about and sent a picture by phone.  I liked it, too, told him to make the deal (about $500 which is a lot for us), and he told me he'd be here around two o'clock pm.  He hired a taxi to take him and the new stove (picture at right--there were more pictures, but it's just a stove) to the bus station.  He bought two tickets for the stove and one for him and rode with it next to him all the way back to Bunda.  He hired a taxi to bring it to our place.  It was too wide for the space, so he just took a hack saw and shortened the stainless steel sink extension, moved the pipe that was holding it up, added a board for strength, and had it up and working by four pm.  I would have been shocked had he not done things like this before.  I couldn't have done it.  We've been using matches to light the burners and have been afraid to use the oven because lighting it sometimes resulted in explosions.  This stove has electronic burner and oven lighting and a sensor that shuts off the gas if the flame is blown out.  I know this sounds more exciting than it would be for you guys, but it's a big deal for us.  We had to teach Juliana and Lusi how to use it, and they are a little afraid of it.  The manual was written by someone who doesn't speak English.  John thought it was so funny, he posted parts of it on Google+ and already has about eight responders who also found it hilarious.  Well, never a dull moment around here.  Shaban is going to his home village to take two hundred pounds of corn because the people are starving there.  He'll be back next Monday.  
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