Thursday, March 29, 2012

The electricity is now all fixed and we put a little oven in Martha's Place, so the visitors and make their own toast and heat up leftovers.  It will make a big difference, and we wired it so if the generator is running--the oven won't operate.  Karen and John are going out to the pump tomorrow to see how it is affecting life in the three villages.  Worked on getting the nursery school started on Monday of next week and paid for the budget that was worked out.  Collins, the head teacher at St. Wiggins Academy, is coming tomorrow to get the money for the food for the 200 orphans for April--$200 feeds 200 kids two cups of uji (hot porridge) every morning.  Next week, they want to honor me on Wednesday, and I hope I am feeling up to the trip.  Have some desks and Bibles to deliver at the same time.  Internet is still down--the electric company blames the phone company who blames the internet provider who blames both the phone and electric companies.  Sound familiar?  Some things just don't change.  Maybe we will have internet again tomorrow.  We are paying about $15 a day to use our phones and we don't use the internet much when it's down like this.  We are really grateful when we have it.  Life is like that, but we don't think about it that way very often.  The Apostle Paul said to be content with what we have.  I finally am, but it took over 65 years for me to get there.  Hope you can do it sooner.
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