Friday, March 2, 2012

Another cool day with no sun.  A fairly large snake got into Juliana's house yesterday, so she asked permission to take tomorrow off to seal all the holes.  She killed the snake but said she shook with fear the whole time.  Of course, we let her off for tomorrow and Lusi said she'd do the work of both of them for the day.  This happens at least five or six times a month which is why we have two people helping.  Neema had a death in the family and left for Bukoba across Lake Victoria yesterday.  She will be back on Monday or Tuesday.  The desks will be ready on Monday.  The fundi (craftsmen) was going to charge $50 dollars a desk, but when he found out it was for me, he dropped the price to $30 per desk thus enabling me to order more desks.  He is the same guy who built the chairs in our living room and the bunk beds in the guest cottages.  John is still working on getting the internet fixed here in Bunda so that when the power fails (several times each day) it doesn't take someone to reset the system, but it will reset itself automatically.  Since Neema wasn't here today, Lusi cooked the morning porridge and afternoon rice and beans for Karen's school.  Everybody pitches in to help out which is really cool.  It's the way things s'posed to be.
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