Thursday, March 1, 2012

After two days without any internet, John managed to get the thing fixed here in Bunda.  Had to have a part shipped to him and then go down to the TTCL office to put it in, but bless him he got it done!  Have started getting desks built for St. Wiggins Academy, hopefully will deliver them next week.  Ordered more Bibles, but the price has risen to $11.00 a Bible which is double what they cost when we came here.  Still, it is hard to have a church without Bibles.  Our goal is to have one Bible for every two members of every church, but right now we're working on having at least ten in each church.  The head teacher for St. Wiggins Academy came to get the food money for next month--$200 to feed 200 students two cups of hot uji (porridge) every day, six days a week.  For some, it's the only meal they will have, so we work hard to make sure they always have that much at least.  Karen's medication worked so well that she slept for twelve straight hours the first night she had it and felt much better yesterday.  There will be another blog later today, so there will be two that say Thursday but this one is really for Wednesday.
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