Sunday, February 12, 2012

We've had no internet (even the phones) for two days now, but it came back about 5:30 pm this afternoon.  I've been sick all weekend, but Shaban has been here both days getting our car air conditioner fixed.  It is summer here and hot like it only gets in Africa where the sun shines straight down.  I can do without a lot, but I do need my AC working in the car.  Several friends and family have sent contributions to John's well for three villages project, so we are encouraged and believe it will happen.  Got some sad news today, a man who was a good friend with a huge heart for mission has passed away in Rogers.  He was a member of my church there when his wife died.  He later remarried another wonderful member of that church.  He worked with the Nomads who travelled around the U.S. with their RV's and trailers doing mission work after disasters.  He was a good man and will be welcomed with the words "good and faithful servant" of that I am sure.   May God surround the family with love, strength, and grace.  Sorry I can't be there, but he would understand.
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